Leadership of the Self

Great leadership begins with self-leadership. Because at the center of leadership is leader who, more than anything else, makes the difference

There are two different aspects to self-leadership:

  • Awareness: To recognize, acknowledge and be conscious of the values, passions, gifts, limitations and needs of oneself and of others
  • Management: To leverage the productive forces and manage the potential derailers in oneself and in others

Shyam Viswanathan assists organization leaders to develop increased awareness and management insights and skills. To further enhance their self-leadership and, as outcome, their Credibility to Lead others


Leadership of Teams

Creating and nurturing high performance team is core responsibility of every organization leader. Shyam Viswanathan uses concepts emerging from contemporary research to help corporate executives to enhance their ability to foster trust, commitment, engagement, shared knowledge, high performance and, above sense of purpose within their teams

Participating executives will gain state-of-the-art insights and skills in judicious delegation and empowerment; focus of team’s energy through engagement; collective performance driven by individual achievement and influence beyond authority


Leadership of Change and Key Organization Initiatives

Of biggest challenges that organization leaders have to cope with is leading and driving new initiatives or changes

Modifications in organization structure, appraisal systems, technology platforms, business processes or clash of culture in mergers / joint ventures invariably meet with resistance and frequently yield sub-optimal results. Executives have had to overcome inertia, reluctance and hostility in process of securing the buy-in of team, colleagues and other stakeholders

Shyam Viswanathan uses experiential learning to help leaders deal with and overcome resistance to change using the world-class Experience Change online simulation of ExperiencePoint


Leadership of Innovation and Design Thinking

Our VUCA world makes it mandatory for leaders (and their teams) to master and display ever evolving innovative mindsets and practices to ensure survival and growth

Shyam Viswanathan helps executives from functions catering to both internal and external customers to apply cutting edge innovation concepts in day-to-day work and decision making. And thus add ever increasing value for competitive edge

Shyam Viswanathan also offers insights into the world of Design Thinking through the Experience Innovation online simulation of ExperiencePoint


Leadership of Organization Culture

The evolving competitive landscape is driving more organizations to seek competitive differentiation are over and beyond what they do

Shyam Viswanathan guides the articulation of cultural DNA and norms of behavior / decision making apex leadership team may seek to create and nurture with enterprise as well as interactions with clients, vendors, regulators and other key stakeholders

Shyam also hand-holds the deployment of initiative including the means of measuring, auditing and reporting it positively impacts the firm’s brand and financial health


Leadership of Organization Vision, Mission and Business Imperatives

Shyam Viswanathan works with apex leadership team of organization to help them precisely articulate the shared Vision that defines their corporate existence and the enterprise Mission that they choose to adopt

Also meticulously defined set of Business Imperatives for foreseeable period of time. An agenda that brings into executable focus the aspirations of apex leadership team